Make sure your board members are fully prepared

Get your Board onBoard

Is your board distracted by drama?

Is the valuable contribution that could be made by your board being squandered?

Are you frustrated because you can't capitalize on the power and influence of your board members?

Do new board members fully understand what the organization is trying to accomplish?

Do Board members know what their role and responsibilities are?

Many Canadian Board members reported to the Voluntary Sector Council of Canadian that they don't feel have adequate training to properly serve their organizations.

Unskilled board members distract the organization; they hold organization back by hampering the board from moving forward on its goals, strategies and programs. If takes too long to be a fully contributing member of your governance team, new board members’ excitement and enthusiasm will fizzle into frustration and disengagement. Your organization’s ability to maximize its impact depends on having well trained and engaged board members. Having board members up to speed on their roles and responsibilities (and Canadian nonprofit best practices) is critical to your success.

By enrolling your board members in Board onBoard Governance Training, they will:

  • Focus

    on the work on the organization rather than struggle with learning what they should be doing

  • Maximize

    their contribution to the organization and to the community

  • Maintain

    their enthusiasm & their engagement in the work of the organization

Customization Curriculum

Each Board is different with different needs

Board member Essentials

Outline of the course

The Board Member Essentials is an introductory and elemental training for all board members of Canadian nonprofit organizations. The course takes board members through everything that they need to learn to become effective and confident board members so that they know what they are doing and become valuable members of the board team. This 7-module course has over 2 hours of videos training organized into bit sized easily digestible pieces of information. Your board members can work and train at their own pace. The training accommodates different learning styles. Audio downloadable Mp3 tracks are available. Transcripts will also be included with each module.

Guaranteed Results

The Canadian Nonprofit Academy guarantees results. We guarantee that your organization will have a high-functioning board of directors or we will work with you until that happens. Conditions apply.

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